About Us

Asia Fibre’s goal is to propel businesses towards their goals.

We are the voice that connects brands to the premium and affluent market segments in Malaysia, with our expertise in effective tele-marketing and call centre services.
As we believe in letting results speak, our name Asia Fibre stems from the impressive returns that we have garnered for fibre Internet services of all Malaysian telcos.
Ever since, we have widened our horizons and extended our services to various industries in Malaysia to include Paid TV, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Banking & Financial Institutions, as well as Educational Institutions.

Our Mission

We make communications between customers and businesses simpler, more efficient, and more reliable; while delivering premium quality for customer caring businesses.

Our Vision

To be the leading customer facing technology company in Asia Pacific.

Why Choose Us

How are we different?


Driven by passion and enthusiasm, our teams of young professionals are multilingual and competent in delivering top notch services.
Our headcount and internal culture are healthily optimised by the stellar leadership of experts in our industry.


Each and every part of our operations, from the conducive processes to the comprehensive solutions, is designed with our clients’ advantage and convenience in mind.


We equip our staffs and clients with state-of-the-art technologies to automate repetitive tasks so that our energies can be focused on innovations to advancing operational outcomes.

Client Relationship

We strive to build meaningful relationships and synergistic partnerships with all our clients, via customisation of processes and troubleshooting for solutions on the fly.


Delivering premium quality for customer caring businesses Synergistic Partnerships

Our Journey

Company formed.


Extended to 92 seats & achieved Top 5 Sales Ranking


Today, we have 150 seats & we hold the Number 1 Sales Ranking


Facilities Overview

Staff Development Program

The growth of every individual combined is a powerful supplement for the growth of a business.


Here at Asia Fibre, we facilitate our employees with ample of effective programs, designed to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills, to help them reach their goals and ours too.